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Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul Studio
The Gibson Les Paul Studio does without  the decorative elements of the standard Les Paul. The Gibson Les Paul Studio was designed with musicians in mind. Studio players more interested in the tone and aesthetic costs of a guitar. The Les Paul Studio eliminates almost all the  aesthetic desi, maintaining all the tonal quality of the Les Paul Standard. The Les Paul Studio sounds like a Les Paul Standard, but with a much lower price.

Refinishing 60’s Les Paul Custom

I’ve owned a ’60’s Gibson Les Paul Custom (with sunburst finish) for the last 22 years. I didn’t know what I had and the guitar got dinged up (couple of small scuffs, clear coat is missing in small areas, that white stuff that runs around the edge of the guitar is broken on the head). I love this guitar and it plays great, but I was toying with the idea of having it refurbished. I was planning on using only Gibson parts/electronics if I needed to replace anything major. I was also going to have the hardware cleaned and replated to bring back the original gold finish instead of replacing them with “new” parts. Should I even bother with trying to bring the guitar back to like new condition since I’m not going to sell it?


It all depends on if you want it to be a player or a money-keeper. If you know the Serial #, you could determine exactly what Les Paul guitar you have on your hands, because the value could fluctuate depending on the model. do not refinish the guitar. if you need to make it playable okay but it will diminish the value of the instrument to refinish it.


Good Deal On Gibson Les Paul?

I saw a gibson les paul, sunburst finish, from 1996, on consignment in a local music store. they were asking $1700 something for it. does that sound like a reasonable price? it played really nice, the action was great and the body was in good condition. i didn’t try it through an amp though.


I bought my first LP last year and love it. After lots of research and playing different models I was sold on the tone of the traditional 490T/490R pickups that are in most Les Pauls. Turns out that the same pickup combo that is in a $3,400 custom shop guitar are in the $1,200 Studio model. Now, you may have your heart on a standard or a classic or some particular look but if it is that classic Gibson tone you seek, look no further than the Studio. I got mine on Ebay with the tags still on it for $999 with a case delivered. It is a Swamp Ash model with a ebony fretboard. It plays great and sounds awesome. If you’ve got the cash, keep and eye on Ebay and you may get yourself a great Les Paul guitar at a huge discount.


Guitar Buying Tips

Starting with an acoustic Guitar is good advice to the degree that acoustics are generally more difficult to play and it’s easier to move up to an electric.

Try out the guitar before you buy and make sure that it isn’t crap. Get a guitar-playing friend to help you out. The amp is a great entry-level unit with lots of different sounds including the “wall of amps” vibe.

These parts and pieces are very solid and could serve you for years to come. Go with the Strat if you lean toward the blues or southern rock (SRV, Clapton, etc). Go with the Gibson Les Paul if you like harder rock (ZZ Top, Guns & Roses, etc).

Top Shelf Version ($2,500)………….. >Fender American Fat Strat or Gibson Les Paul Studio ($700 – $1,000 on Ebay) >Vox AC-30 ($1,000 new) >Line 6 Pod XT Live Amp/Pedal Modeler ($350 on Ebay) >High Quality Strap and Cables ($100)

You can’t go wrong with a Strat or a Les Paul. As far as amps, the AC-30 is great but you could just as easily go with a Fender Deluxe Reverb or a used Marshal Stack or Combo.

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